Another blog of sorts from me Joshhw. I am a hip hop artist from Boston, Ma. I tend to be overly emotional and I am quite nerdy. I am big into my bicycle and the environmental culture that surrounds giving up your car. I wish Wal-mart would stop being so evil.

listen to my music:
September 20th
10:44 AM
"I do guest verses for people but i don’t ask for money; i just do it cause you’re my friend and if i like the song you’re making. i just can’t imagine saying, “i’ll give you a sixteen for twenty-five hundred.” it seems so impersonal. i can’t relate to that. it’s not that we are being exclusive, it’s just how we feel about our music."
—  Slug. (*I’ve always felt this way, and probably always will)
June 3rd
2:54 PM
"I don’t care if you know me or you hate me. Just come check out a show and travel back home safely."
—  Slug.
May 22nd
1:54 AM

Sometimes I wish it was 97, just so I could’ve been there.

October 15th
6:53 PM

Everyone starts off biting their favorite rappers. Slug from Atmosphere was no different, this is a fun video.