Another blog of sorts from me Joshhw. I am a hip hop artist from Boston, Ma. I tend to be overly emotional and I am quite nerdy. I am big into my bicycle and the environmental culture that surrounds giving up your car. I wish Wal-mart would stop being so evil.

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October 10th
11:00 AM

such a good song.

April 11th
8:29 AM

Music is special. for more information on this documentary please visit:

February 10th
4:02 PM
"I don’t care how they get it. Take it. Take it for free. That’s my attitude now. You can’t fight the changing times. Adapt. That’s the new strategy."
—  Marc Brownstein (the disco biscuits) (taking about the music industry)
January 10th
4:31 PM

Here is the elusive shithead acoustic version from the break a branch tour with Jesse Dangerously, an Shane Hall! It also includes an explanation of the songs origin.

November 22nd
9:37 AM

R.E.A.L. - Dj Future, SMG

Brand newness from my friend DJ Future. I did this song with him. its all freeness, you can get it here

October 17th
11:44 AM

Shout outs to the best couple I have ever met in music. Crunk Witch is heading on tour this month and I know you would enjoy it if you came to any of their shows. the dates are on

July 20th
2:16 PM
"I was on my grind before it became synonymous with rhyming."
—  H.W. (me)
July 13th
4:00 PM

This song is very special to me, I got to do a track with someone who enjoyed my music as a fan and by sharing his tracks with me has made me into a fan of his music. Trak Masta Tom is real dope and this song shows that. His name is strange but I can’t hate ever on it (jeez my name is Hazardous Wastes, even though I never tell people that). I had to step my game up quite a bit for this song. This is the type of rapping I’ve been doing with my newer music.

June 22nd
11:14 AM