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May 3rd
11:29 PM

A dream I had.

I had a dream involving myself and Jake (Redlist). We were sitting at a table, possibly Starbucks and we were having a friendly conversation about our falling out. I was arguing that I had done nothing this time around, and Jake seemed happy but retorted that I had, but refused to respond. It’s strange because I could see this conversation actually happening. I’m not sure if I am Jake’s friend anymore. I can’t figure out why I am not, I am assuming this due to his un-following me on everything. Now I can understand that this sounds childish, but hear me out. about two years ago me and jake had a falling out over music. We had a huge blowout about it.

I ended up losing my best friend over a damn music album. It took two breakups and about 9 months before we spoke to each other again. I was super excited that we finally were moving past it. We started hanging out again, not as much as we had previously, but enough. Jake wanted to work on music together, he wanted to help with artwork again, and I decided against it. As much as I had offended him by turning him down, I was merely trying to keep our friendship intact. I didn’t want some music bullshit to get in the way again.

Fast forward and here I am. Maybe I was wrong to deny another Scribblenauts album, but I am now again without my best friend. My plan didn’t work.

May 2nd
12:14 PM
"Trust me, Sylvia Plath would have been well served to have a friend like you."
—  Kim Diesel (she leaves me nice notes on my google docs)