Another blog of sorts from me Joshhw. I am a hip hop artist from Boston, Ma. I tend to be overly emotional and I am quite nerdy. I am big into my bicycle and the environmental culture that surrounds giving up your car. I wish Wal-mart would stop being so evil.

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May 2nd
12:14 PM
"Trust me, Sylvia Plath would have been well served to have a friend like you."
—  Kim Diesel (she leaves me nice notes on my google docs)
October 30th
9:12 AM

The morning after

  • Kim: there better not be plows
  • Josh: well it did snow last night
  • Kim: it's fucking October
  • Josh: yeah, so?
  • Kim: have you looked out the window?
  • Josh: no, why is it snowing?
  • Kim: no, but theirs accumulation and shit